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Date: Thu Feb 19 1998 - 15:29:13 EET


We have an FDM 1650 with UPS. I will have to check on the exact rating
but the overall logic for selection went like this.

The system requires high power at only at start time hence if you plan
for a capacity slightly higher than that for 15 or 30 mins, it should
last you for quite sometime.

The other criteria is the probability of power failure in your area and
for how long. We are blessed, being in a fairly developed city like
bombay not to have so frequent power failures. Hence we decided to have
a battery back up for about 4 hrs. The entire unit alongwith the
batteries costed us approximately 2.5K USD equivalent.

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> Greetings,
> Is anyone using a battery backup (UPS) for their Stratasys
> FDM machine (we have a FDM-2000)? I spoke with customer
> service at Stratasys and they say the machine draws 2400
> watts. I'd also like to hook the "trickle feed" computer
> into this same UPS and this should add @ 400 watts. I was
> hoping I'd be able to run up to the local computer retailer
> (Best Buy, Circuit City, etc.) and pick something up but I'm
> told they don't carry anything with the capacity that I'd
> need (@3000 watts for a half hour to hour of run time).
> I did find out that there are units which can handle this
> load but they cost in the $5K - $10K (USD) range (ouch!) and
> some require a 220 power source (which we don't have).
> How important is it to have an alternate power source in
> the event of primary power loss. I'm not an EE, if you
> haven't figured out already. Is this really an issue, since
> Stratasys provides a model recovery protocol (script)? Would
> it suffice to just connect through a surge protector?
> Thanks,
> Dustin Neifer
> Amway Corp.
> Water Treatment R&D
> Ada, MI
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