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From: Jürgen Bauer (
Date: Thu Feb 19 1998 - 15:58:57 EET


I read your message to Dan Davis on the rp-ml about using a "special
drawing die resin" for hydroforming a pulley prototype and I had a few
questions for you:

1) Which Ciba resin were you referring to? RP6470? We have used RP6470 and
have had some casting problems with it, especially excessive shrinkage,
more than Ciba advertises. Have you had any problems with it and if not,
did you cast it in a temperature and humidity controlled environment or
take any other special precautions with it?

We used sample material (Megitan) from Biotool, Germany.
I told you to ask Ciba because of their worldwide operations, their experience and supply chain.
A good person to talk to at Ciba would be Mr. Peter Hochwald,
Ciba Tooling Systems, PO 8.2, CH-4002 Basle, Swizerland.
Phone +41 61 696 1285, Fax +41 61 696 4308
We had no problems with shrinkage.//

2) Have you used these resins much for "production" hydroforming (typical
quantities for us in a production run is 10-25 parts) and what is it's
typical life expectancy for forming .032" 2024-O and 2024-T3 aluminum sheet
metal? Any excessive friction or wear problems associated with certain
geometries, any special lubricants required, etc.

For 10-25 pieces of your Al sheet metal, it should be ok.
We did not make systematic wear experiments, so I cannot give a more qualified answer.
Lubricants: We used a thick, natural grease. Advantage: VERY good lubrication.
Disadvantage: hard to remove afterwards, i.e. for painting.
Maybe Mr. Hochwald or Mr. Haberstock (see my old posting) have more ideas.//

We just purchased a SLA-5000 and are interested in using SLA patterns and
some of these "drawing die resins" to cast hydroform and stretch form
tools. Is this economically feasible for short run tooling, say 100-200
aluminum parts per year?
Any additional information would be extremely helpful....
Glenn Whiteside
Cessna Aircraft

Answer: I do not have numbers and trials for that.
May be you could ask the sheet metal guys at Uni Hannover; thay have made wear experiments.
IFUM (Institut für Umformtechnik und Umformmaschinen)
Dpt. Sheet Metal Forming (Blechumformung)
Sorststraße 11
30165 Hannover
contact person: Mr. K. Dröder
Tel. : +49 511 / 762-9518
FAX: +49511 / 762-9523

With kind regards
Juergen Bauer

Siemens EC CS Automotive, Siemensstr. 13, 67346 Speyer, Germany
Tel. +49 6232 30 2501, Fax +49 6232 30 2110

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