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Date: Fri Feb 20 1998 - 18:19:37 EET

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 Is anyone using a battery backup (UPS) for their Stratasys FDM
machine (we have a FDM-2000)? I spoke with customer service at
Stratasys and they say the machine draws 2400 watts. I'd also like to
hook the "trickle feed" computer into this same UPS and this should
add @ 400 watts. I was hoping I'd be able to run up to the local
computer retailer (Best Buy, Circuit City, etc.) and pick something up
but I'm told they don't carry anything with the capacity that I'd need
(@3000 watts for a half hour to hour of run time).

 I did find out that there are units which can handle this load but
they cost in the $5K - $10K (USD) range (ouch!) and some require a 220
power source (which we don't have).

 How important is it to have an alternate power source in the event of
primary power loss. I'm not an EE, if you haven't figured out already.
Is this really an issue, since Stratasys provides a model recovery
protocol (script)? Would it suffice to just connect through a surge


Dustin Neifer
Amway Corp.
Water Treatment R&D
Ada, MI

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 We use only surge protection for our machine, but I would appreciate
it if you learn anything more about power back-up for this machine to
fill me in on it. We have back-up for both our SLS and SLS machines.

Our FDM machine does have intermittent power losses. If you know of a
procedure to restart a build I would appreciate it if you would let me
know what it is. <SNIP>


Drew Brown
Conceptual Reality L.L.C.

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 We have an FDM 1650 with UPS. I will have to check on the exact
rating but the overall logic for selection went like this.

 The system requires high power at only at start time hence if you
plan for a capacity slightly higher than that for 15 or 30 mins, it
should last you for quite sometime.

 The other criteria is the probability of power failure in your area
and for how long. We are blessed, being in a fairly developed city
like Bombay not to have so frequent power failures. Hence we decided
to have a battery back up for about 4 hrs. The entire unit along with
the batteries cost us approximately 2.5K USD equivalent.

With Best Regards from Shreyas J Bakshi

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I have a FDM 1650 which should draw about the same amount of power and am using a UPS on the both the FDM and my workstation. It has been worth the investment as our local power is quite "dirty" with spikes and dips.

The UPSs filter these out to provide a clean power source. Stratasys told me that the controller is sensitive to power spikes and it is possible for them to blow away the slice information. We also have occasional power outages because of the increasing load on our areas grid, due to new construction of homes and businesses. Our emergency generators are not always reliable.

I have been very lucky, because the power outages have been fairly short at 5 to 10 minutes and the UPSs have held up. However, mine are fairly small and will probably last only 15 to 20 minutes. I have a 3/4 complete part (approx 48 hour build) that thanks to an errant squirrel, is now an excellent display model to explain the build sequence.

However, Stratasys has addressed the problem of power failures, whatever the cause (like when your boss comes in and rests his hand on the stop button!). Their latest version of Quickslice 5.0 has a feature that allows you to find the spot where the modeler quit and you can restart the build from there.

Workstation UPS: DELTEC PowerRite; 600va/400w or equivalent. About $300.

Modeler UPS: TRIPP LITE SmartPro 2200; 2200va/1600w, with surge and noise suppression. About $1,100 through electronics distributors.

Wayne --

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I have an FDM 1600. I agree the UPS to protect the whole system is too expensive. My solution was to isolate the power systems for the controller and the heated envelope. The heated envelope draws most of the 2400 watts. Therefore, you can protect the controller and the head with a 500 watt UPS for a few hundred dollars vs. the $K for the others. I have the schematic for the 1600 that outlines the systems.

I can fax it to you if it will help.

Your friend in RP,

Blake Tennison Sr. Rapid Prototype Engineer Advanced Ceramics Research

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Hi Dustin:

I saw your question on UP Systems on the mailing list. Since, what I have to say is more local to West Michigan, I am not going to post it on the mailing list.

I use UPS for my SLA and all computers. I have about 7 systems of various sizes. I learned right away, you really need these things. It is an unnecessary expense until the power goes out. I have also noticed that my computer systems have less problems and last longer on a good UPS.

There are many out there, but in my experience only one company makes systems that work well and that is Best Power supply's. They have everything from a computer UPS to a whole building. They use different technologies than the others. Actually, my computers run off the UPS's batteries constantly, so when there is a power outage, there is no time difference for the system to "kick-in".

Best of all, we have a business in GR that is Best's distributor. They are Avance' and the number I have for them is 1-800-569-4222. They were just out here a few weeks ago, to clean and test all my UPS's. They can send you an extensive catalog of all the systems they carry. Best Power also has software that will call or page you if there is a power outage, and they have software that monitors your power and can give you data on what's happening over a period of time.

Hope this helps.

Ross Gates

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Thanks to all those who took the time to answer my post.

Dustin Neifer Amway Corp. Water Treatment R&D Ada, MI

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