Re: water soluble build material

From: Marina Hatsopoulos (
Date: Fri Feb 20 1998 - 22:03:21 EET

You are correct. Z Corp's powder materials are starch- and
cellulose-based and therefore are water soluble in their "green" state.
After infiltration with wax, which takes minutes and is
office-compatible, the parts are no longer soluble. Parts can also be
infiltrated with other materials to create even stronger parts that can
be sanded, painted and drilled.

Marina Hatsopoulos
Z Corporation

Tien-min Gabriel Chu wrote:
> Is there any water soluable build material available on the market? If so,
> what type of machine uses it? I seem to remember Z-corp is using some type
> of starch based material. Could someone share some information on this?
> Thanks.
> Gabriel Chu
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