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Date: Mon Feb 23 1998 - 10:46:13 EET

hi List,

i will see the investors putting their money in the various fabricators
companies such as Stratasys in the following way.

just imagine you are running an orphanage and you have a few orphans on
hand. the government gives you quota...only one must go to the university.
what will you do???

definitely, you will put more money(or most of the money) and effort in the
child that has more potentials and characters of hardwork, ambitions and

likewise, investors nowadays see that their money should be channel to the
one company that has more potential in growth....for technologies
developers point of means constant new system development,
improve software for the control of the systems and having new solutions to
address the potential and existential customers problems.

Stratasys has seen at least two software releases per year(at least), at
least one NEW SYSTEM developed per year and new materials to further the
range of the markets the FDM can served. hence, FULFILLING all the can further foresee new investments and GROWTH for

although twenty-over is not the astronomical value as Mr Burns has
mentioned...but for Stratasys this size is substantial....i mean Stratasys
is not HP or IBM big.....but BIG in its own competitive domain.

joseph sim

ps - all views are based on author discretion. no views to other
fabricators developers does not mean a negative view.

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