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Date: Mon Feb 23 1998 - 17:16:14 EET

Marshall Burns wrote:

> So here's the question. Is the level that the fabricator companies
> are at today a good, solid base for growth, even though it might look
> depressed by comparison to the higher level they were at last year?


 I believe the market for these first generation fabricators is saturated,
at least in the US. I see this first hand in the form of competition among
service bureaus. The prices quoted for SLA parts lately is very low
compared to a year ago. I believe many service bureaus are actually
loosing money on a substantial part of their RP work, and making it up on
follow-up tooling and other services.

For this reason, stocks will remain low until the machine manufacturers
come up with products that offer substantial benefits over what exists
today. I think Z corp has hit the nail on the head with their system, if
it really is 10 times faster than all the rest.

So my answer to your question is: Current stock prices are tolerlable if
the fabricator manufacturer is at work developing radically new or improved
technology. Otherwise, watch out.


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