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From: Robert I Connelly (Connelly@BDRC.BD.COM)
Date: Mon Feb 23 1998 - 18:13:35 EET


Yes, that paper was presented by Dr. Paul Jacobs at the 7th meeting of the (as it was known at the time) Stereolithography Users Group on March 31, 1992 at the San Francisco Hilton. It is included in the proceedings of that meeting in its entirety. Let me know if there is anything else you need to know about it.

Great paper, huh?

- Rob Connelly


>For the sla-ers, does anyone have the reference for the paper titled "on
>Windowpanes and Christmas Trees: Diagnostic Techniques for Improved Part
>Accuracy" by H. Nguyen, J. Richter and P. Jacobs, then all from 3D. I
>grabbed the text from some website about 2 years ago and failed to get the
>proper publication reference. Now, writing my thesis,
>"" doesn't cut it as a proper reference. >Does anyone know if this was a proceedings in SFF or NASUG or Dayton
>"Corpal-Tunnel" Al

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