ALERT!! CAPS VIRUS in e-mail attachment att1.doc

From: Eric Randall (
Date: Wed Feb 25 1998 - 23:21:48 EET

RP-ML List Users,

While downloading the following e-mail posted to the RP-ML list, I received
the following notice from my McAfee virus detection software:

"McAfee Scan DLL (version 3140) found CAP"

informing me that the CAP virus found in the file "att1.doc" attached to
the e-mail with the following header:

Subject: Materialise Rapid Prototyping software tutorials during 3D
Systems User Group meeting


My McAfee software cleaned the virus from my system, but I thought it
responsible of me to inform subscribers on the list of this problem.

I am not familiar with the CAP virus, nor am I familiar with the procedure
for eliminating it from your system if you do not have virus protection
software. However, I would probably NOT open and read this file, and I
would probably delete this file immediately.

Eric Randall

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