Living on the Edges

From: Innomation Systems & Technologies Pte Ltd (
Date: Thu Feb 26 1998 - 10:43:36 EET

hi although i don't know your name.....asdf120,

laser scanner can scan the edges....we have done so already.

we are the vendor for Matuo Mercury-J 3D Point Laser Digitiser in
Singapore....and we managed to do so......just think how can a fisherman
catches his fishes if the lines are parallel to one another...i mean the
lines are never cross.

if you scan with the fishing net method....edges are not problems
anymore.....but it will depend on your digitiser and its ability to handle
such scannings.

in will see that when the two scans are composed..the whole
point cloud will look like a net...and edges are out perfectly.

on the other hand, large point data are desired in Surfacer.....and the
extraction of the edges and boundaries took very short time even for point
cloud with a million points. if the point data is not enough..then the
edges extracted will never be the "true" edges....they will more or less
look like crooked lines of points.

joseph sim

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