[Fwd] LiCONiX and DuPont Introduce New Laser Upgrade

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Date: Thu Feb 26 1998 - 07:58:03 EET

  LiCONiX and DuPont Introduce New Solid State Laser Upgrade Package For
                        Power Stereolithography Systems
                            (PR Newswire; 02/24/98)

    SANTA CLARA, Calif., and WILMINGTON, Del., Feb. 24 /PRNewswire/ The
LiCONiX model 3501 Diode Pumped Solid State (DPSS) laser coupled with DuPont
Somos(R) 7120 resin is being offered as an upgrade to stereolithography
which currently use argon ion lasers. The model 3501 is the highest power
laser available for stereolithography, and replaces the costly, less efficient
argon ion laser used in high-power stereolithography systems (e.g., 3D
SLA-500). With a power output of 500 mW and a repetition rate of 70KHz, the
3501 more closely resembles the argon laser's desirable continuous wave (cw)
characteristics than any other commercial solid state laser.

    The 3501 DPSS laser utilizes the most advanced techniques in diode pumping
and intracavity harmonic generation to produce the most efficient and highest
power solid state laser available. "With a power consumption of only one-
twentieth of the UV argon laser used in stereolithography, and no costly
tube to replace, the 3501 is expected to reduce the cost of laser
operations by
a factor of 2 to 3," says Ken Ibbs, vice president of marketing at LiCONiX.
Customers will no longer need the water cooling systems and three-phase power
lines associated with argon lasers. The 3501 can be operated from a regular
110V outlet in the U.S. with no external water cooling.

    Although some DPSS lasers are already used in stereolithography, they
possess less power and lower repetition rates. A laser's repetition rate
has a
significant impact on the way the resin cures in stereolithography systems.
With the higher repetition rate, the resin reacts more closely to that
encountered in a system with a continuous wave exposure. The offered package
of the LiCONiX DPSS Laser upgrade and the high-performance DuPont Somos 7120
resin makes SLA-500 upgrades easy. This allows a customer to take
advantage of
the newest laser and materials technology, significantly reducing operating
costs, increasing productivity, and extending the life of their SLA-500
systems. "This high productivity package demonstrates our expertise in
optimizing DuPont Somos resins to available laser systems. It also shows our
commitment to working with equipment manufacturers to surmount current
limitations of rapid prototyping," stated Michelle Wyatt, technical marketing
engineer at DuPont Somos.

    LiCONiX is the world's leading supplier of UV and blue Helium-Cadmium
(HeCd) and DPSS lasers. They provide high powered HeCd lasers as well as
spot lasers for 3D Systems' SLA-250. For information on the DPSS upgrade
package, contact LiCONiX in the U.S. at 408-496-0300 or visit their web
site at

    DuPont Somos supplies photopolymer resins to the stereolithography market.
DuPont Somos resins for stereolithography have been optimized for Argon-ion,
HeCd and solid state laser systems. The products range from the only
flexible resins (Somos 2100 Series), and general purpose highly transparent
acrylate resins (Somos 3100 Series), to second generation epoxy resins (Somos
6100 Series), and third generation, water resistant, tooling epoxy resins
(Somos 7100 Series). For further information on DuPont resins, contact DuPont
Somos in the USA at 302-328-5435 or visit the Somos web site at

SOURCE DuPont Somos
    -0- 02/24/98
    /CONTACT: Ken Ibbs, Vice President of Marketing of LiCONiX, 408-496-0300,
or Michelle Wyatt, Technical Marketing Engineer of DuPont Somos(R),
    /Web site: http://www.dupont.com/somos http://www.liconix.com/

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