Re: Cleaning of Sanders Parts

Date: Thu Feb 26 1998 - 12:28:25 EET

Hi Maresi,

I have used ultra sound to clean stereolithography parts using TPM as the
cleaning agent. The ultrasound elevated the temperature of the TPM and
softened the part which led to distortion. I also had a concern that if
left on the ultrasound could over heat the TMP beyond its flash point. We
stopped using the ultrasound and now have a hand spray washing system in an
enclosed chamber similar to a shot blasting booth that allows us to handle
the part and clean at the same time a much improved system. The equipment
is manufactured in Germany and originated from a Herr Schinker ? Via EOS.
I hope this info is of use.


Derek Harrell.
Daewoo Worthing Tecnical Centre

maresi.berry@dbag.ulm.DaimlerBenz.COM on 24/02/98 08:04:24

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Subject: Cleaning of Sanders Parts

     Hello other MM users,
     I am looking for anyone who has had some experience cleaning
parts using an ultrasound bath. what problems, if any, have you had,
and are you still cleaning your parts using the bath?
     Maresi Berry
     Daimler Benz
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