RE: Monopoly?

From: Stahlhut, Todd A. (
Date: Thu Feb 26 1998 - 16:34:00 EET

In case you haven't noticed the official name of the upcoming users
group is:

        3D Systems North American Stereolithography User's Group

This group is heavily sponsored by 3D systems and is for 3D systems
users only. Must we go through this every year. If your system is a
good as you repeatedly say it is, why don't you gather all of your uses
together and form the Aaroflex North American Stereolithograpy Users

Todd Stahlhut

P.S. I for one would like to have the old AT&T back....

From: aaroflex
Subject: Monopoly?
Date: Thursday, February 26, 1998 8:49AM

February 24, 1998

Is a monopoly good for you?

Do you remember when AT&T held a monopoly on the telephone industry?
You either did it their way, or no way at all. Once the monopoly was
broken up, rates began to fall and technology rapidly advanced for the
benefit of the users. During this time many new fortunes were made
within this industry. The industry providers became customer oriented
and AT&T began to say "Thank you for using AT&T."

Do you remember the tag lines on parts before the AOM was incorporated
into the stereolithography process? Do you remember the old dip and
dunk with the doctor blade before positive flow application from above
was introduced into stereolithography? You may be surprised that both
of these advancements were first introduced on the Solid Imager(TM) and
then adapted by others in the industry. Many other advancements in the
industry were first featured on the Solid Imager(TM); however, the
credit for these accomplishments has been suppressed by competition
desiring to monopolize the market for only their benefit.

Isn't it true that a users group is to advance the technology and to
provide a superior product and service to the users? The industry
should be opened up to all providers for the benefit and advancement of
the total industry. Do you wish to have a choice or do you wish to be
dictated to by a monopoly?

                                I know where I stand.

                                Albert C. Young, Jr., P.E.
                                CEO, AAROFLEX, Inc.

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