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From: Andrzejewski, Jan (
Date: Thu Feb 26 1998 - 17:49:00 EET

On the 12th Feb. In reply to the topic of DWG alliance to aid data
translation I posed the question of how many CAD users on the RPML list know
when their software will incorporate a STEP interface.

>a simple reply like the one below for what is available now and/or when it
may be ?
>Cad ? IGES yes STEP part 42 no ( yes qtr 3 1999 ) STL yes

The response so far has been only 2 out of a possible 1000 that's not

Thanks to Vesna Cota and Juergen Bauer

Also thanks to Dr Michael J. Pratt for the excellent further explanations
of the STEP initiative. The reference he gave to for the up to date ( 3 Feb 1998 )
announced releases of Vendor support of STEP was exactly the kind of list I
was hoping to compile from the survey.

So no need to send any more replies.

Vesna Cota reply:
>CAD: Mechanical Desktop 2.0 (kernel Acis 3.0)
>IGES: yes
>STL: yes
> (The STL output from Mechanical Desktop 2.0 is great - says our RP
service bureau).
>STEP: yes qtr 1 1998 (?**)
>I am testing it right now.
>ProE models import very well, including complex freeform objects.
>Autodesk STEP translator was announced to be released soon after
>Mechanical Desktop 2.0 starts shipping ( which happened end of December

Juergen Bauer reply:
>IGES -Yes
>DXF -Yes
>VRML -Yes
>STL -Yes
>STEP AP 203 - Yes
>STEP AP 214 - Yes

Unfortunately no mention of what CAD package?

Jan Andrzejewski
RP Operations Manager

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