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Date: Thu Feb 26 1998 - 20:52:04 EET

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Hello. First time caller, long time listener. Love your program. I am a research analyst at SRI (formerly the Stanford Research Institute) and I am writing a piece on service bureaus. Rather than call each service bureau individually (there are now 649 of them worldwide, according to Rapid Prototyping Report), I was hoping that some of you (individuals from service bureaus or companies) would be kind enough to take a minute to give me your thoughts on the following with respect to service bureaus (SBs):

What are people (you, your company) using SBs for (technical advice, file fixing, RP, cast tooling, injection molding...)? Are SBs being used differently today than in the past?
How are people communicating with SBs (electronically sending CAD files, 2D drawings)?
Major strengths and weaknesses of SBs?
The future of SBs (for example, some appear to be going out of business in the U.S. consolidation in the SB business)?

I'd be happy to post a summary of the results (assuming I get enough to compile). Thanks for your time.

Rice Cabiac
Research Analyst

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