Sla Maintenance Contract Cost

From: Victor Devadass (
Date: Fri Feb 27 1998 - 06:42:56 EET


Dear RP (SLA) users

We have been using the SLA 250 for the past 3 years. The cost of a
maintenance contract on the sla machine is definitely a cause for
concern especially with current economic conditions here in the Asian
region . I am keen to know if there is among the SLA users, the type of

maintenance plan/contract/options that are available

I am currently familiar with 2 plans:

Plan A which is a complete package that will cover all labour, parts and
one laser replacement for a one year. In short we should be able to run
the machine with out any problem for one year.

Plan B covers labour and parts excluding laser.

Can 3D systems, train the user to carry out maintenance?

Are there other plans/suggestions that are available? Any information
available will be very much appreciated.

Best regards

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