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3D Systems Rolls Out New Specialty Resin Created to Withstand High
                              and Intense Humidity

                            (PR Newswire; 02/26/98)

   Advanced SL 5210 Formula Expands Range of Stereolithography Applications

    VALENCIA, Calif., Feb. 26 /PRNewswire/ 3D Systems Corporation (Nasdaq:
TDSC) today announced the commercial availability of Cibatool SL 5210, a new
specialty resin designed for applications that rely on part stability under
harsh environmental conditions such as extreme heat and/or humidity.

    The latest in a stream of new resins from 3D Systems, SL 5210 is designed
for use on the SLA(TM)-190 and SLA-250 rapid prototyping systems. Whether
building functional prototypes for under-hood or under-water applications, SL
5210 is ideal for wind tunnel testing, high temperature silicone curing
methods, or functional testing for automotive and consumer appliances.

    In a flow test for an after-market automotive water pump, Airtex Products,
a leading OEM of after-market automotive water and fuel pumps located in
Fairfield, IL, found that highly intricate parts held close to 5,000 RPM under
pressure of 48 gallons of water per minute when subjected to temperatures
of up
to 225 degrees F.

    "Because there were virtually no step lines in the SLA prototype made from
the SL 5210 resin, we were able to more accurately gauge the performance of
new impeller design under simulated working conditions," says Kerry Austin,
Product Designer for Airtex. "Owing to the strength, heat resistance, and
water resistance of the SL 5210 resin, it may be possible to hold in excess of
7,000 RPM on future applications."

    SL 5210 is fully capable of withstanding harsh conditions without
sacrificing speed, surface finish, or ease of use. Due to the advanced vinyl
ether/acrylate formulation, parts exhibit virtually no swelling or softening
when exposed to extreme levels of moisture, and they produce exceptional
sidewall surface quality.

    Using 3D Systems' FAST(TM) WEAVE(TM) build style, SL 5210 also allows
production of parts with no predip delay, increasing productivity levels with
up to two times faster part throughput. Part clean up is also faster and

    One beta site user also reported major improvements over other resins when
used in high-temperature, high-stress applications. "Rapid production of
for a high-temperature environment is always a challenge," says Ed Kocialski,
Senior Engineer, Model Design, Lockheed Martin. "I found the advanced
properties of the SL 5210 resin better where it counts for my applications:
flexibility, finish, and clarity are good; shrink rates are lower; and
is very easy. Liquid soap and water with an alcohol rinse is all it takes."

    As a specialty add-on resin, the SL 5210 fully complements the existing
high-accuracy SL 5170 resin also used in both the SLA-190 and the SLA-250,
expanding the range of applications for both these SL systems.

    "SL 5210 represents another leap forward in our aggressive resin
improvement program," says Mervyn Rudgley, Director of Product Management for
3D Systems. "This resin is the first in a series of niche product materials
which supports specific applications, such as high-temperature uses, and
should broaden the number of applications utilized by our SL customers."

    3D Systems also offers a Resin Upgrade Program that features substantial
discounts on the purchase of new Cibatool materials. Information on this
service is available by calling 1-800-889-2964.

    3D Systems manufactures rapid product development systems [ . . . ]

SOURCE 3D Systems Corporation
    -0- 02/26/98
    /CONTACT: Jenine McQuaid, SLA Product Mgr., 805-295-5600, Ext. 2239 or
Carolyn Smith, 626-852-8840, both for 3D Systems/
    /Web site: http://www.3dsystems.com/

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