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>Materialise will host tutorial sessions for its new Rapid Prototyping
>software products during the next North American Stereolithography
>Usergroup Meeting (San Antonio, March 1-5 1998).
>Session 1 - Magics RP build setup and support generation, tooling, STL
>repair, hollowing, etc.
> (bring your own bad files on Zip or floppy disk!)
>Session 2 - Medical Modeling with CT-Modeller for Windows NT
>In order not to interfere with the regular conference program we repeat
>these tutorials on Sunday, Monday, Wednesday and Thursday, after conference
>hours (see attachment for schedule). The sessions are free and both current
>and potential customers of Materialise are invited. Attendees can take the
>software home afterwards for a 30 day trial period (we are sure you will be
>impressed with it ).
>Although it is possible to sign up during the conference, attendees will be
>served on a first come/ first served bases. If you are interested in either
>one or both of the tutorial sessions you can reserve your seat by faxing
>the attached form to (313) 662 7891.
>See you at the conference,
>Mark Bliek
>6111 Jackson Road
>Ann Arbor, MI 48103
>phone (313) 662 5057
>fax (313) 662 7891
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