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Date: Fri Feb 27 1998 - 23:40:24 EET

                            70 -- 3D PRINTER/MODELER

                      (Commerce Business Daily; 02/27/98)

   NOTICE TYPE: Solicitation

   NOTICE DATED: 022598

   OFFICE ADDRESS: NASA/Lyndon B. Johnson Space Center, Houston Texas, 77058-
3696, Mail Code: BJ

   ZIP CODE: 77058-3696


   SOLICITATION NO.: SOL 9-BJ23-Z39-08-05Q


   CONTACT: POC Linda S. Dunn, Purchasing Agent, Phone 281-244-5351, Fax 281-
483-4173, Email linda.s.dunn1@jsc.nasa.gov -- Marie D. Kliment, Contracting
Officer, Phone (281) 483-4168, Fax (281) 483-4173, Email

commercial items prepared in accordance with the format in FAR Subpart
12.6, as
supplemented with additional information included in this notice. This
announcement constitutes the only solicitation; quotes are being requested and
a written solicitation will not be issued. This procurement is being conducted
under the Simplified Acquisition Procedures (SAP). This notice is being issued
as a Request for Quotation (RFQ) for one (1) 3D Printer/Modeler. This is a
system that will build real time 3-dimensional models from information
contained in a CAD database. This system receives a print command from the CAD
station and proceeds to build (print) the file in 3-dimensions. (See
specifications below). Technical contact for this procurement is Scott Swan at
(281) 483-9156. The provisions and clauses in the RFQ are those in effect
through FAC 97-03. All qualified responsible business sources may submit a
quotation which shall be considered by the agency. Delivery to JSC is required
within 30 days ARO. Delivery shall be FOB Destination. The DPAS rating for
procurement is DO-C9. The SIC code and the small business size standard for
this procurment are 3577 and 1,000, respectively. The offeror shall state in
their offer their size status for this procurement. Quotations for the
described above may be mailed or faxed to the identified point of contact by
the date specified and include, solicitation number, FOB destination to this
Center, proposed delivery schedule, discount/payment terms, warranty duration
(if applicable), taxpayer identification number (TIN), identification of any
special commercial terms, and be signed by an authorized company
representative. If the end product(s) quoted is other than domestic end
product(s) as defined in the clause entitled "Buy American Act -- Supplies,"
the quoter shall so state and shall list the country of origin. FAR 52.212-1,
52-212-3, 52-212-4 and 52.212-5a(1) and (2); 52-212-5(b)(6), (7), (8),(9), and
(10) are applicable. The Representations and Certifications required by FAR
52.2l2-3 may be obtained via the internet at URL:
http://nais.nasa.gov/msfc/pub/reps_certs/sats/ Questions regarding this
acquisition must be submitted in writing no later than March 9, 1998.
Quotations are due by March 13, 1998, to the point of contact specified above.
Selection and award will be made (on an aggregate basis) to the lowest priced,
technically acceptable quoter. Technical acceptability will be determined by
information submitted by the quoter providing a description in sufficient
detail to show that the product quoted meets the Government's requirement.
Quoters must provide copies of the provision at 52.212-3, Offeror
Representation and Certifications -- Commercial Items with their quote. See
above for where to obtain copies of the form via the Internet. An ombudsman
been appointed -- See Internet Note "B". It is the quoter's responsibility to
monitor this site for the release of amendments (if any). Potential quoters
will be responsible for downloading their own copy of this combination
synopsis/ solicitation and amendments (if any). Any referenced notes can be
viewed at the following URL: http://genesis.gsfc.nasa.gov/nnotes.htm.:
Specifications: 1. Build time estimator for the operator at his
workstation. 2.
Ability to remove temporary supports without any tools. 3. System is fully
safety interlocked. 4. Serviced and supported by 3D Systems. 5. Software to
submit models are networkable and supported on HP Workstations and Windows NT
workstations at no additional cost. 6. Provides part sizes of up to 10" x
10" x
8". 7. Maximum layer thickness of 0.0039". 8. Accuracy of .010 9.
Resolution of
0.003 10. Full network access. 11. Fully automatic multi-part nesting. 12.
Automatic error checking and repair -- automatic for simple errors, warning
issued for major errors. 13. Minimum of 90 jets. 14. Thermoplastic material.
15. Material cost of about $50/lb. 16. Must be compatible with an office
environment (small size, nontoxic media, low noise level, low odor emission,
etc.). 17. Two (2) cases of media. 18. On-site machine installation of
and software. 19. One year warranty. 20. Product documentation 21. Three (3)
platforms and model removal tools.

   INTERNET ADDRESS (URL): http://nais.nasa.gov/EPS/JSC/date.html#9-BJ23-Z39-

   EMAIL ADDRESS: linda.s.dunn1@jsc.nasa.gov

   -- Linda S. Dunn

Yakov Horenstein
Milano, Italy

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