Slicing problem with Maestro 1.9

From: MED (
Date: Sat Feb 28 1998 - 03:16:50 EET

Dear All

We recently installed Maestro 1.9 on our SGI high impact. The "Vista"
software for support generation and editing is fine. The "View"
programme is also fine. However, we suffer from a problem with the
"Slicing" .

Since we are using Du Pont 6110 resin in our SLA 250, I simply copied
the styles to the new Maestro software from our very old "Partman"
program. The result of SLA espically in the final filling is extremely bad.
The Up facing surface has so poor quality that ripple surface results. I
suspected that it is because of our wrong setting in Slicing with

When I used the support generated from Vista in Maestro but slicing in
our old partman programme, the Up face surface has shining and flat
quality. I have tried to adjust the parameters of Maestro but fail to
achieve the same result.

Can anyone give me some suggestions in adjusting Maestro Parameter?


Norman Chan
Rapid Prototyping Technology Centre, Hong Kong

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