SLA & RTV Molding

From: Paul Rops (
Date: Sun Mar 01 1998 - 16:36:08 EET

RP Experts out there.

I have been a long time subscriber and reader of email but have not sent
any messages to the RP community.

I now need help. We are using SLA masters to produce RTV molds. We have
been doing it for some time using a tin catalyst base molding material.
We were told that because of the materials we wanted to mold, the RTV
molding material would have to be a platinum base RTV. We had initial
success with this new RTV material, however, we are now experiencing
non-curing of the RTV mold only at the interface of the Mold material
and the SLA master. We are using Ciba-Geigy 5170 for the SLA Master. We
have even recured the SLA Master for an extended period of time and this
doesn't seem to cure the problem.

Are there any answers out there?

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