Re: SLA & RTV Molding

From: Ken Tashiro (
Date: Mon Mar 02 1998 - 21:48:39 EET

Hi Paul,

Are you using a release agent? A good quality release agent will act as
a chemical barrier and make the mold release much easier. What kind of
RTV compound are you using? As for the off-gassing of the uncured mold,
try placing the model in sunlight for about an hour. As for the PCA
bulbs, you can check the intensity by using UV reactant strips from...
I think UV Process Supply. They are very similar to PH strips, i.e.,
they turn color. The UV bulbs in general lose 75% intensity in about
500 hours of operation which means that even if its operating, it may be
less efficient... cure longer or change bulbs.

Ken Tashiro
Zysys Inc.

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