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Date: Tue Mar 03 1998 - 00:13:03 EET

         Spatial Technology Inc. Launches Performance Enhanced ACIS 4.0

                            (PR Newswire; 03/02/98)

              Latest Release Represents Significant Improvements

                   In Speed, Functionality, And Robustness

    BOULDER, Colo., March 2 /PRNewswire/ Spatial Technology Inc. (Amex:
the leading developer of component 3D modeling software technology for the
MCAD, CAE, CAM, and AEC industries, announces the debut of ACIS(R) 4.0.
Significant advancements in speed, functionality, and robustness enhance the
newest release. Beta site testimonials confirm two to three times performance
improvements across the board, and increases of more than 10 times in many
functions, including complex blending, precise hidden line removal, shelling,
and lofting operations. ACIS 3D Toolkit release 4.0 will ship in April 1998.

    R. Bruce Morgan, Spatial president and chief operating officer, says,
4.0 is our strongest release ever, and is a direct response to our customers'
requests for enhanced performance. It reflects our commitment to providing
most advanced 3D solid modeling technology available in the MCAD market.
Customer response to the ACIS 4.0 release is overwhelmingly positive and gives
us great confidence that we will expand our market leadership in 1998 and

    According to Dominic Gallello, vice president, Mechanical, Data Management
and Data Publishing Market Groups, Autodesk, Inc., "The Autodesk MCAD team is
VERY pleased with Spatial's results with ACIS 4.0 and we are beginning to take
advantage of more and more of this functionality. With only eight months of
development, Spatial has made tremendous improvements in performance and
robustness. Autodesk is committed to working with Spatial to maintain this
pace and ensure that ACIS continues to be the leading modeler available."

    "We are proud to be releasing ACIS 4.0 only eight months after ACIS 3.0
release in August 1997, and are pleased to have exceeded market and customer
expectations," adds Mike Hansen, Spatial's director of product marketing.
significant improvements in performance and functionality, and our clear
leadership in product architecture, ACIS 4.0 provides software developers with
the competitive edge they need to cost effectively produce industry-leading

    Performance-enhanced ACIS 3D Toolkit 4.0 is an open, component-based
modeling engine that provides the most flexible and functional foundation for
developing 3D software applications. Designed as a geometry engine, ACIS 3D
Toolkit delivers solid, surface, and wireframe modeling, and has a complete
of geometric operations for creating, modifying, and manipulating 3D objects.

    ACIS 4.0 Performance Enhancements
    ACIS 4.0 represents a significant improvement in speed, functionality, and
robustness. Each major area of functionality was inspected during the
development of version 4.0. By adding caching algorithms and introducing a
end capping algorithm, blending speed has increased by up to ten times in
version 4.0. Optimizing areas such as sweeping, skinning, and lofting has
increased the speed of model creation routines by four to six times. Overall,
ACIS 4.0 is two to three times faster across the board.

    Version 4.0 also introduces new functionality for mitering operations
during 3D sweeping, non-uniform scaling and space warping, and thickening of
sheet bodies. Users can now specify different miter types when sweeping along
3D paths. ACIS 4.0 supports non-uniform scaling as well as bending or twisting
any ACIS body. Thickening of sheets is now supported to allow users to easily
create solids from surface models.

    ACIS 4.0 continues to show the commitment that Spatial Technology has to
providing world-class modeling technology to the MCAD marketplace. The
combination of performance and functional enhancements in ACIS 4.0 cements
as the standard for 3D modeling. For additional information on performance
enhanced ACIS 4.0, visit Spatial's web site at http://www.spatial.com.

SOURCE Spatial Technology, Inc.
    -0- 03/02/98
    /CONTACT: John W. Wright, Vice President Marketing, Spatial Technology
Inc., 303-544-2945, johnwspatial.com; or Public Relations: Laura Carrabine
412-441-1039, lcarrabinb.net; Investor Relations: Geoff High of Pfeiffer
Public Relations, 303-393-7044, geoffpfeifferpr.com/
    /Web site: http://www.spatial.com/

Yakov Horenstein
Milano, Italy

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