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 (PARAMETRIC)(PMTC) Parametric Technology Announces Immediate Availability of
              DesignWave Version 2 for the Desktop CAD/CAM Market
                           (Business Wire; 03/02/98)

    Business/Technology Editors

     WALTHAM, Mass.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--March 2, 1998--Parametric Technology
Corporation (NASDAQ:PMTC), developer of the Pro/ENGINEER(R) family of software
tools used to automate mechanical product development, announced today at the
Daratech CAD/CAM, CAE Strategy Workshops '98 that Version 2 of the company's
DesignWave(tm) desktop CAD (computer-aided design) software is available

     DesignWave, which became part of the PTC product portfolio through the
company's recently completed acquisition of Computervision Corporation, was
first unveiled at the AUTOFACT industry trade show in Detroit, Mich., last
November. The Microsoft Windows-native CAD software combines a
assembly-centric architecture with true production CAD capabilities and
edge software components.

     "DesignWave represents a fundamental advance in low-end desktop CAD
software because it uses what we call a 'true-context' architecture," noted
Stevenson, senior vice president of PTC's DesignWave group. "The architecture
makes it possible for all applications to reference the actual features of
three-dimensional model, so all drawings and designs are inherently up to date
and assembly-centric - not to mention completely accurate - at all times."

     According to Stevenson, Version 2 of DesignWave delivers significant
enhancements to the software's capabilities in the areas of assembly modeling,
feature-based drafting, and feature-based modeling.

     New Features in DesignWave Version 2 include:

Concurrent Updates
     An assembly-oriented function that automatically updates users working in
dependent files as design changes are made and saved, fostering concurrent

New Sketch Solver
     An intelligent new subsystem that lets users establish geometric and
dimensional constraints for sketches that form the basis for feature
operations; this is a powerful function that improves user productivity by
leveraging the underpinnings of the true-context environment. The true-context
environment eliminates barriers to productivity associated with traditional
sketchers, for example, users can add constraints between sketches or use
sketches more than once. A new "constraint inspector" provides users with an
easy way to understand constraints applied to a design and modify their level
of influence.

New Modeling Features
     DesignWave's feature-based modeling is enhanced by the addition of
numerous new capabilities. Version 2 includes enhancements to draft/taper
operations, variable radius blends and support for open profiles. In addition
Version 2 introduces a new capability that allows users to access the full
design editing capabilities of the system from within the drawing environment.
Users can simply click on a feature in the drawing to automatically activate
the full editing parameters of the selected feature.

         Additional Drafting Standards
     DesignWave Version 2 also adds comprehensive support for ANSI, ISO, JIS,
DIN and BIS drafting standards, which can be applied globally, or on a per-
drawing or per-dimension basis. This support contributes to productivity with
DesignWave's unique feature-driven detailing capabilities.

Price, Availability
     DesignWave Version 2 is priced at $1,995 per user, and is immediately
available to order through Parametric Technology's global network of value-
added resellers. Full no-cost evaluation copies are also available directly
Web downloads at:

     DesignWave is compatible with Intel-based PCs and workstations running
Microsoft Windows 95 or Windows NT.

     CONTACT: Parametric Technology Corp.
              Investor Relations Contact:
              John W. Hudson, (781) 398-5561
              Public Relations Contact:
              Kelly Sheridan, (781) 398-6493

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