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From: Miller, Michael W (
Date: Tue Mar 03 1998 - 04:57:27 EET

I highly recommend drain holes in the CAD solid, qty 2 at 1/4 inch
diameter will probably do it depending on size and shape of your part
and of course your z-wait. If you can put them at different z heights
you won't need a vent hole. As for supports inside orientation might
allow you to eliminate some or all. If you can design the lid with a
conical or pyramid type shape coming to a point at max z this type of
shape is self supporting and doesn't require supports except around the
perimeter which hopefully is supported by the base of the part. Happy
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> Subject: Hollow SLAs
> RP List,
> I have a client that wants to build an SLA part that is a thin
> shell
> that would completely entrap some liquid resin. Like a bowl with a
> lid on it.
> This would be built in ACES style, not Quickcast. Have any of you
> done
> something like this? Could you build it like a trapped volume and
> then just
> drill a hole in the bottom in the GREEN state and drain it before
> cleaning and
> curing? Could you put vents and drains in it with the Quickcast
> software and
> still build it in ACES? Would it be better to add the holes on the
> CAD end?
> How big do they have to be before one could single sweep again? Any
> tips for
> removing the forever trapped supports in side a THIN shell? Many
> thanks in
> advance!!!
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