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From: Jim Magnus (
Date: Thu Mar 05 1998 - 17:56:53 EET

John German wrote:

Does anybody know of a very inexpensive IGS viewer? I am not looking for
anything fancy, just a program that will view IGS data, and perhaps maybe
even be able to transform IGS to STL. I am looking for something fairly
inexpensive, for viewing purposes only that we can use to view IGS data
customers to quote off of.

Thanks in advance,




You may want to try 3D View from Actify. It is a pretty decent package for
only $75! You can't beat the price.
Here is a little free advertising for them. I've copied some info from
their web page below. Check out their
website at You can download a demo from there. Hope this


Jim Magnus
Kohler Company - MS 202
444 Highland Drive
Kohler, WI 53044
tel (920) 457-4441 ext 7140
fax (920) 459-1847

3D View is a three dimensional CAD/CAM file viewer for Windows 95/NT that
features an interactive and very easy to use GUI, and can import IGES,
VDA-FS, STL, and ISO G-Code.
Being so simple and yet so powerful, it is the perfect tool for anyone that
needs to visualize 3D CAD/CAM models without the need to have a full
featured CAD/CAM software running on a very costly workstation. Share
models with colleagues, customers and suppliers.

3D View is a desktop CAD visualization program that interactively renders
3D CAD/CAM models.

3D View offers:

•Ease of use - A central design requirement.
•Support of multiple industry file format standards (IGES, STL, VDA-FS and
ISO G-Code)
•Multimedia model markup (e.g., annotate with text and web links)
•Web Enabled - Can export VRML models. Include web link annotations. View
help from web browser.
•Excellent performance on low end workstations.
•Microsoft style Windows interface
•Drag and drop of multiple files.
•Context sensitive pop-up menus
•Mouse driven camera control - real time rotation, pan, and zoom.
•HyperLinks attached to markup for multimedia, Web enabled model markup.
•Visualize in perspective and planar projections.
•The ability to embed 3D models in Microsoft Word, Power Point and other
OLE enabled documents.
•Wire-Frame and shaded images.
•Cross sectioning.
•Simple model measurements.
•Very low price - Offers powerful functionality for its price.

Special care has been taken to keep the required resources to a minimum. 3D
View can load and visualize parts made by hundreds of trimmed NURBS
surfaces or STL files composed of tens of thousands triangles on a 100 MHz
Pentium computer with 16 Mb RAM. 3D View runs on Windows 95, Windows NT,
DEC Alpha and can purchased at our Internet site.

Typical Usage

A typical 3D View user is somebody interested in visualizing 3D CAD/CAM
models on his/her PC without the need of a sophisticated CAD system running
on a very costly workstation. 3D View can be effectively used to:

•Share prototype models with colleagues customers and suppliers for quick
•Visualize IGES parts and ISO G-Code tool paths together before actually
machining the part.
•Save CAD/CAM data in VRML format to be posted on the World Wide Web.
•Insert 3D models into a Microsoft Word document, a Microsoft Power Point
presentation or other OLE-enabled publishing tools.
•Quickly view CAD data posted on the Word Wide Web in IGES, VDA-FS, STL

Supported Platforms

•Intel PC running Windows 95/NT
•Pentium 75 MHz
•16 Mb RAM (32 recommended)
•32K colors (16M recommended)
•DEC Alpha Workstation running Windows NT
•Any configuration with FX!32

We are developing the next 3D View version and we would appreciate your
feedback (

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