RE: Question re: Testing RP SLA Parts

From: Miller, Michael W (
Date: Thu Mar 05 1998 - 19:14:40 EET

David, as I write our mech sys lab is testing parts for us... 5180,
6110, protoform and duraform. These tests are not precision as we're
just looking for rough material properties but we are testing various
orientations. I can certainly inform you of the results. What we are
not doing is testing the materials for strength as a function of time or
temp nor our we checking stability over time. This is other data I
would appreciate feedback on if you get it. Keep in touch,
Michael W Miller (
The Boeing Company MS 17-PE B-XT62
Propulsion Experimental Hardware 206-655-3289
Rapid Prototyping 655-4366 Lab 655-4365

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> From: David Maass[]
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> Subject: Question re: Testing RP SLA Parts
> Mike,
> Got your name from the RP-ML list.
> Working on a project to perform mechanical testing on an SLA model of
> a
> turbine rotor. Looking for info (companies, people, papers, other Web
> sites, etc). In particular, looking to perform vibration tests and
> spin
> tests of an SLA part and then to correlate results with CNC machined
> metal (Titanium) parts.
> Interested in the as-made properties of the SLA material (strengths,
> stiffness, and PARTICULARLY the anisotropic properties in X,Y, and Z
> directions) and how that will affect scaling to the real
> part.
> Are you aware of any similar or prior work in this area at Boeing or
> elsewhere? Ideas where I can look?
> Dave Maass
> Flightware
> 203 397 2180

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