Fw: 1 yr old SGI O2 Lease Assumption - Company Asset Sale- CLARIFICATION

From: Mari S. Truman (mtruman@ArthroMotion.com)
Date: Thu Mar 05 1998 - 19:16:12 EET

CLARIFICATION: We're looking for someone who may want to assume our $1 buy
out Lease for our SGI O2...($836/month for 23 more months). We'll throw in
the Velocity/Image Volumes Reverse Engineering Software ($10K) at no
charge. Two extra (non-leased) 9 GB SGI hard drives and a non-leased 4 mm
DAT tape backup are also included in the lease assumption opportunity. See
the bundled components below, and thanks for your interest!


> From: Mari S. Truman <mtruman@ArthroMotion.com>
> To: Rapid Prototype Mail List <rp-ml@ltk.hut.fi>
> Subject: 1 yr old SGI O2 Lease Assumption - Company Asset Sale
> Date: Thursday, March 05, 1998 12:09 PM
> Dear RP-ML Readers:
> Regretfully, my engineering service bureau is closing. To minimize
> and prevent bankruptcy, we must sell our company assets...mostly CAD/CAE
> hardware and software (at a great bargain) to someone who can use them.
> SGI O2 interested parties:
> The SGI O2 has the R10000 chip, the video options, and a DAT, and
> floppy drive and an additional "free" 18 GB of drive space purchased in
> last half of 1997. The current replacement value of the hardware is over
> $21K, at today's prices... and the lease has less than $20K to go ($836
> 23 months). The reverse engineering software on the system (Velocity ,
> Image Volumes and a link to IDEAS software (MedLink), value of $10K, can
> transferred to the lease assumption group for a low $.)
> DETAILS: SGI O2 Multimedia UNIX System with 3D CT & MRI Reconstruction
> Software and translator into IDEAS
> SGI O2 with R10,000 chip. 150 MHz Processor, 128 MB RAM, videocamera,USR
> 33.3 modem, multi-media version with video adapter, DOS/MAC floppy
> CDROM, HP Jet Direct Print server, and APC UPS with extended run time
> (SU1000XL
> with SU24XLBP),NFS Software, Total Hard Drive Space of 22 GB
> SGI 4 GB Seagate Barracuda Internal Hard Drive (7200 rpm)
> SGI 9 GB Seagate Barracuda Hard Drive (7200 rpm)
> SGI 9 GB Seagate Barracuda Hard Drive (7200 rpm)
> $26303 original purchase price…$21,250 bundled replacement price (new
> items) today.
> Please call or e-mail if interested.
> Mari S. Truman
> Phone: (219) 269-1116
> mtruman@arthromotion.com
> PS. We also have a very nice package of CAD/CAE software from
> MS5.m3...if you have an interest in the IDEAS software and acquisition of
> my company's assets, please let me know, and we can e-mail or FAX my
> company's asset list. We must sell the entire company asset set to have
> CAD/CAE licenses transfer. However, we do not own the SGI, so it's lease
> could be assumed independently.

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