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Do you want better digitised point data?

Matuo Co. of Japan has announced (in Jan'98) a new laser sensor for its
Mercury-J series of 3D-Laser Digitiser. The new laser sensor now packs with
Stronger Laser Power and Accuracy, Significantly Reduces the noise in the
digitised point data. With the new sensor, most coloured and bright
surfaces and textures of the part can be digitised with higher accuracy.
Do you know some digitisers actually incorporate data filtering functions?

Most laser digitisers has inherent noise problem.The use of data filtering
functions such as those found in Surfacer software allows the cleaning of
the point data set in order to remove the noises generated. Most Japanese
reverse engineering professionals allow the noise to remain in their point
data set so that they can study the nature of the noise data generated.
Hence, Matuo Co did not incorporate this data filtering function as part of
the digitising process.

Recently, some of the laser digitisers manufacturers (eg. Laser Design
Inc.) has incorporated data filtering functions in their digitising
process. As such, the point data cloud will appear to the users clean and

In order to meet such demands for professionals who need more refine and
clean data, Matuo Japan has announced that it will also Incorporate the
Data Filtering Function in the digitising process of the Mercury-J series
laser digitisers.

One Good News is that existing customers of the Mercury-J laser digitisers
has the option to upgrade their existing Wolf & Beck laser sensors to the
new laser sensor.

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