Re: What is the fishing net method . Please reply

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Date: Fri Mar 06 1998 - 16:04:51 EET

Sorry Ryu,

for the late reply.

there are no papers and publications on this fishing net method.

we discovered this method of scanning when we did our digitising
it is more of an experience really.

for us using the Matuo Mercury-J system, scanning in x- and y- axis for one
object mounted on the platform is very easy...thus the digitising process
produces a fishing net pattern of points in both x and y axis.

to do so using the surveyor, i forsee that this will cause more
problem...because can you put a part stationery and scan it in the x-axis
and y-axis??? i doubt so.....if you can scan in the x-axis...then you must
rotate the part 90 degrees and scan again using the x-axis to produce the
y-axis points.

and the best part using Surfacer...we never use jigs or fixtures to align
the part...plain bearings are the ones we have used.

joseph sim

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