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Date: Sat Mar 07 1998 - 21:26:08 EET

Shreyas J Bakshi wrote:
> Can anyone tell me of any grade of PU which can be cast in Silicone
> Rubber Molds and has properties equivalent to bakelite.
> Also of any suppliers for resin that give transparent prototypes ?

Our PC2000VS / G2000VS polyurethane material is used for production of
water clear components. It has Shore D hardness of 78-82, de-molding
time of 30-40 minutes, and glass transition of 160 degrees F. This
product is available in 400 ml cartridges, already pre-measured,
de-aired, and vacuum sealed in a plastic pouch. This product has to be
used with a pneumatic dispensing gun, and heat cured at 140 degrees F.

You may visit our web site to look at detailed mechanical properties of
this and other polyurethane materials.

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