RFI ABS Compounds

From: Jason Aspinall (thecadman@lion-breath.com)
Date: Mon Mar 09 1998 - 17:39:40 EET

I realise this isn't quite related to rapid prototyping, but my request
comes as a result of having some caseworks cast in a bright yellow PU

Our marketing decided that the colour I had selected was great for the
final product, I simply used bright yellow as a means of differentiating
parts on my solidworks assembly on the screen...

My problem is this:

I need to source an ABS compound, in bright yellow, which is loaded with a
carbon type material for RFI screening. Where can I source this material
from? Is it a viable RFI screened ABS colour? I have heard that chromes
are used to create yellow colours and the compounds in the RFI screening
material mixes with these chromes and produces a pretty undesirable green
colour. Spraying the internal faces with Nickel paint isn't an option,
the entire body itself has to be free from paints - it will react with the
sensor that will inside the unit.

Any help would be gratefully appreciated.

Again, I realise this isn't much to do with RP, but some you guys must
know where I can source this material from....


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