New release of Magics RP

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Date: Tue Mar 10 1998 - 19:14:52 EET


Materialise releases new support generation
 software for Windows 95/NT

Ann Arbor, Michigan - Leuven, Belgium, March 2 1998 - Materialise is now shipping its latest release of Magics RP software. Magics 4.3 has been specially designed for Stereolithography users. In addition to the very successful Magics software line, Materialise included a new module for support generation. It is the only graphical support generation software for Windows 95/NT. Its ease of use is unmatched thanks to its intuitive graphical interface. The automatically generated supports will prevent build failures and reduce clean-up time.
Magics slices parts and supports in record time due to advanced algorithms.

Magics RP gives users an option to use less expensive equipment and a faster way to set-up their builds. Magics 4.3 enables the user to save hours on build set-up, slicing and part finishing.
Other functionality includes automatic placement, collision detection, graphical pick & place positioning, build time estimation on STL level, rapid tooling, Boolean operations, adding machine stock, hollowing parts, extensive fixing capabilities, sophisticated cutting tools, triangle reduction, Z-compensation, etc.

Free, fully functional evaluation copies can be downloaded at :

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