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Date: Tue Mar 10 1998 - 23:24:30 EET

Another small minded opinion from a prejudiced source:
    Having been employed as a technician by a university of moderate size
for more than 5 years, I can assure you that we are anything but awash in
sources of income. I would be unbelievably grateful to anyone who can
identify a source of funding for the purchase and operation of RP equipment.
In lieu of any better recommendation, I would suggest that commercial
operations find a way of cooperating with the universities in thier area. I
know that there are some pretty smart people here and students may be a
source of interested low wage labor. While this may not protect those
already facing competition, it could at least mitigate any further
encroachment. wrote:

> I am only concerned with the Universities that are operating as Service
> Bureaus. They purchase equipment and material at half the price. Who
> can compete with that!
> Why can't they operate like Georgia Tech.? I'm all for education, but
> they must use it
> for education! There has to be another way for Universities to come up
> with the money to run the equipment for educational purposes. How about
> it Universities!
> Just my small minded opinion.
> Jim Harrison
> 3Dimensional Engineering
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