Looking for an RFI sheilding *ABS* Compound

From: Jason Aspinall (thecadman@lion-breath.com)
Date: Wed Mar 11 1998 - 13:46:34 EET


I think you have gotten hold of the wrong end of my stick!! I already
have pigmented ciba resins, bright yellow :)

I desparately need an *ABS* compound which is also has RFI shielding
properties, similiar to Faradex XA711.....

Hope you, or anyone else :) can help further.....

>Hi Jason,
>SOme PU grades are pigmentable. Check with your local office of CIBA for
>more information. and let me know if you are able to accomplish your
>objective. Good Luck! Jason Aspinall wrote:
>> I need to source an ABS compound, in bright yellow, which is loaded
>> with a
>> carbon type material for RFI screening. Where can I source this
>> material

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