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From: Ms Xu Fen (me01595@hpr1-3.cadcam.nus.sg)
Date: Wed Mar 11 1998 - 14:23:36 EET

I believe most of members in this list are RP users. Many of you must have
experience on using RP model for different application, like functional
test, RP prototype, soft tooling tool. For you experienced, I have a
question here:

HAVE YOU EVER HAD ANY FAILURES on building the desired RP application?
that is to say, you wanted to build the part/prototype, but finally you
found the RP part/prototype was not acceptable, either for the reason
of accuracy, or for the poor surface finish, or for the mechanical quality.

ANY OF YOU have such experience, could you let me share your experience?
I like to know what kind of a part it is, and what RP system were you
using, or anything else you think it related to the failure.

I believe knowing the weakness can let us see more clear about the

Xu Fen
Manufacturing Div., Dept. of MPE, NUS,Singapore 119260
Tel: 8746491(o); E-mail: engp5288@leonis.nus.edu.sg

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