RE: News Flash (on and off topic)

From: York Robert (
Date: Wed Mar 11 1998 - 15:09:00 EET

Sorry if i offended anyone. We are trying to get our SLA5000 up and
running. We wanted to be putting our resin in this week. I was hoping
for some input from the group. We have decided to put the Dupont resin
in, if we can pull off the swap of the Ciba resin. We'll know more in a
couple of days. It looks like 3D won't be here until next week to set
up or machine. Things can still change on the resins. I'll keep you

Have a nice day
From: Hannu Kaikonen
Subject: News Flash (on and off topic)
Date: Wednesday, March 11, 1998 1:12AM

On Tue, 10 Mar 1998, York Robert wrote:

> Date: Tue, 10 Mar 1998 12:15:00 -0500
> From: York Robert <>
> To: RP List <>, Yakov Horenstein <>
> Subject: Re: The HAT
> They have to do something because I have made 2 requests in the last
> weeks and got one response from Michael Miller(Thanks), a response
> a sales rep, and two people wanting to know what I have compiled.
> Well...
> It doesn't appear to be much interaction on this here Mailing List. I
> hope it is only because everyones mail was too full to read while they
> were in San Antonio and will be responding soon.

I guess that came with the entire 8 days experience behind it...

This year (estimation based on the first 2 months) we will distripute
total of 17Gb of emails through rp-ml and that estimation is a bit on
low side. IMHO there has to be some 'interaction' somewehere.

There are now (Wed Mar 11 08:06:52 EET 1998) 1173 subscribers. It's
in southern Finland and the local time is 08:12:00 EET. What more can
ask ;)

Your Friendly Administrator

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