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This is post-processing course 201 (undergraduate stuff)!

Go to the grocery store , Wal-Mart, or drug store and get your favorite
RIT dye color (s). Use only 1 gallon of water for each RIT dye pack.
Immerse the finished, cured, sanded, bead blasted parts in heated dye
liquid (100-120 degrees F) for 30-90 seconds, depending on the desired
tone. Use a gloved hand to keep the parts moving and achieve even color.
Lightly blow dry the dyed pieces with shop air to avoid water marks on
your parts. Spray coat with clear acrylic paint to return your tinted
pieces to translucency. Use a brush or cotton-tip applicator for
recessed areas where spray coat application is not possible.

Bon appetite!

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> I could not wait to build the chess set from Ciba. We RPers really
> love
> trinkets to build ( great sales idea, the more trinkets we build the
> more
> material we use, mine never break). Now the question is....I want to
> keep
> the translucent quality especially with the neat gizmos inside, what
> can I
> use to color one set so I can use these as a real chess pieces. What
> do
> all you coating experts recommend? How can we have color and
> translucent
> properties BOTH? or must I go to a secondary process?
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