Busted Stop Signs!

From: Robert I Connelly (Connelly@bdrc.bd.com)
Date: Wed Mar 11 1998 - 18:58:02 EET

>I had the exact same thing happened to me.
>Must get more brittle with age.
>On the bright side, I'm glad I sat in on the break out session on fixing broken
>SLA __________
>I had the same problem with my stop sign toy that was made with the new
>ABS-like resin. I try to separate the two halves and one of my tabs
>cracked. I don't believe I forced it past its plastic state.

Holy Frijoles! The power of mass communication, huh? I'll just bet that
poor Jenine McQuaid is kicking herself now for handing out those little gems
at the SLA conference. Oh well, maybe this is just an excellent way of gathering lots of data points in a short period of time.

I thought it was a very clever assembly and a neat material idea -- but I'm
sorry to say that ours broke also...

- Rob Connelly

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