Liquidation update (do not contact me)

From: Elaine T. Hunt (
Date: Wed Mar 11 1998 - 22:20:41 EET

Some weeks ago I posted the liquidation of D&C Industries and a few of you
commented about the transfer of software to the new users by DTM.

Here's the latest:
DTM has consented to transfer the software license on the SLS machines to
the new owners free of charge.

The machines are located at D&C Industries. Detroit, Michigan and are
available right now through a liquidation sale ordered by the secured
party. The sale is being conducted by Williams and Lipton Company of
Birmingham, MI.

Contact Williams and Lipton Company for documentation about license
transfer and any questions you may have about the systems being sold.

The machines that are available are:
2 DTM 2500 SLS (both 1996)
3 DTM 2000 SLS (1994 & 1996)
1 Cubital SGC 5600 (1997)
2 Stratasys FDM-1650

Contact Williams & Lipton Company 616-285-0150 (phone) or 616-285-0152 (fax)

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