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From: Rick Harrington (rharrington@harringtonpdc.com)
Date: Wed Mar 11 1998 - 23:14:58 EET

Hello All,

I wondered if anyone could contribute the following information on Rapid
Epoxy Tooling (or Composite tooling) for injection molding of plastics. I
will post the results

1.Technique Used?

A. Cast inside of an aluminum chase
B. Epoxy cast as standalone insert, pocket cut in chase, epoxy insert
installed in pocket
C. Aluminum Box built and epoxy cast in box.

2.Type of Pattern Used

A. RP of part, please indicate technology used
B. RP of mold insert, using duplication method. What duplication method
was used.

3. Were water lines used

4. What was the injected material. Please indicate fill used in material,
if applicable

5. What quantity of parts before the mold died

6. Was the mold used until dead

7. What was the average cycle time

8. How was the end product received? Was the end client satisfied?
Really happy?

9. What type of back fill was used in the tool?

10. What type of gate works best

11. Any additional input that would be useful.

Thanks to all in advance.

Rick Harrington

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