busted stop signs

From: MET-L-FLO INC. (metlflo@mw.sisna.com)
Date: Thu Mar 12 1998 - 01:12:21 EET


It seams as though all the "stop signs" are broke (or breaking) and what
seamed to be a promising material has now failed. I haven't noticed any
changes in the other material samples (yet?) but will wait patiently.

I would like to know if the reason for all of these breakage's has
anything to do with a product being released prematurely in order to be
exposed at the 3DNASUG? Is this material still under development (any
comment Thomas?) and if so why was it released?

If this material has been fully approved, have none of the test samples
from previous builds been looked at a second time or were there changes
in the processing to create samples for all attendees which changed the

Are we witnessing one of the great new changes at 3D or just another
early release?

Hoping this material gets proven soon or parameters get published.

Respectfully submitted,

Carl K. Dekker

"Consistence is the hobgoblin of small minds"

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