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From: Robert Zubrickie (rfzubric@amp.com)
Date: Thu Mar 12 1998 - 15:06:13 EET

On Monday Jenine McQuaid with 3D Systems rolled out three new SLA resins, one which
was presented to have ABS (like) properties, and to demonstrate this a trinket was
built for handing out. This trinket was a 2 inch hollow cylinder by 2 1/2 long, it is
a three componant system with a detant spring member and two latches for assembly it
also had a through hole for which you can put your finger in and inside was a stop
sign which you can push and watch the stop sign pole flex. It worked great at the
conferance Jenine had a hard time getting the users attention since all you could
here was 300 of these units being disassembled and reassembled, definitely
impressive. Material name SL5520. Only the people attending this NASUG meeting
recieved these samples.

  hope this explains the stopsign situation. (Wish you were there)
  I'm glad ciba is trying

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> For those of us who didn't attend the NASUG meeting, could you explain about the
stop signs?
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> Did anybody elses stop sign toy from the NASUG break? Mine seemed to get extreamly
> brittle one week later. It could have been the cycling of the material or something
> else. My stop sign broke then the next day one of my latches broke and I didn't
> them past the plastic state.
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