Re: Hollow SLAs

From: Andre Dolenc (
Date: Thu Mar 12 1998 - 14:49:19 EET

> RP List,
> I have a client that wants to build an SLA part that is a thin shell
> that would completely entrap some liquid resin. Like a bowl with a lid on it.
> This would be built in ACES style, not Quickcast. Have any of you done
> something like this? Could you build it like a trapped volume and then just
> drill a hole in the bottom in the GREEN state and drain it before cleaning and
> curing? Could you put vents and drains in it with the Quickcast software and
> still build it in ACES? Would it be better to add the holes on the CAD end?

Many users of our software do this on a regular basis. Making hollow parts
from STL files is straightforward (we call it "shelling").

I believe it is better to make the vent and drain holes in the STL model. With suitable
software tools, the geometry and position of the drain holes is up to you. In
addition, you can also manufacture the pieces that cover the holes one you drain
the resin and/or back fill it.

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