Re[2]: The HAT

Date: Thu Mar 12 1998 - 03:41:12 EET

     To the rp-ml and its administrators,
     The hat moves to the front of my collection... Clearly a treasure.
     Thank you for this gift and the dubious title of "one of the top ten
     Thanks again,
     Jim Williams

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Subject: Re: The HAT
Author: Yakov Horenstein <> at INTERNET
Date: 3/10/98 11:54 AM

At 8:08 AM -0500 10/3/98, Elaine T. Hunt wrote:
>is the envy of all the men.....and I'm glad it has my name on it so NO one
>else dare to grab it.
In gold, embossed on the back. They even spelled my name right !!! I'm
going to wear it at all the RP functions I attend, so that way I'll be
identifiable front and back . . .
For the rest of you, the HAT, which is actually a CAP, refers to the
generous gift given by the administrators of RP-ML to us bigmouths who
contribute most often to this list. Thanks guys.
Yakov Horenstein
Milano, Italy
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