Structural Plastics Workshop

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Date: Thu Mar 12 1998 - 17:23:03 EET

The Plastics Molders and Manufacturers Association of the Society of
Manufacturing Engineers (PMMA/SME) is pleased to announce its
cooperation with the Structural Plastics Division of the Society of
Plastics Industry annual conference.

PMMA/SME is sponsoring:

Practical Applications of Structural Foam and Structural Web Molding
March 29, 1998


Fundamentals of Structural Reaction Injection Molding
Harry George, Bayer
Fundamentals of Thermoplastic Structural Foam
Steve Ham, Steve Ham Plastics
* Applications/Materials
* Processing Options
* Economic Comparisons
Fundamentals of Low Pressure Multi-Nozzle Structural Foam and
Multi-Nozzle Gas Assist Structural Web Foam Molding
Ed Hunerberg, Johnson Controls
* History of Low Pressure
* Process Description
* Machinery Description
* Advantages/limitations
* Markets and Product Applications

Material Selection
Jack Avery, GE Plastics
- Materials overview
- Thermoset materials
* Thermoplastic materials
* Commodity resins
* Engineering resins

Part Design Considerations
Steve Ham, Steve Ham Plastics

Panel Discussion: Project Management-Ask the Experts


Rapid Prototyping for Plastic Part Manufacturing...a method for short
run prototype tooling
March 29, 1998

Instructor: Derek Ellis, Senior Technical Sales Representative, PTE
Distribution, a division of Prototech Engineering

These workshops take place the day before..

Applied Plastics Technology & Design Conference and New Product Design

March 30 - April 1, 1998
St. Louis, Missouri

SPD/SPI's annual conference has become an industry mainstay for
designers and engineers wanting to learn about structural plastics.

A unique parts competition will take place during the conference.
PMMA/SME is sponsoring an award in the New Product Concept Competition.

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