Re: Universities etc "A Modest Proposal"

Date: Fri Mar 13 1998 - 14:54:20 EET

Great discussion! Brad Fox has made a very good point. We are
currently looking to hire an engineering grad. The Universities with RP
technology is the only place we considered looking.
Also, the industry must find away to work with the Universities. In
doing so maybe they won't have to compete with the Service Bureaus to get
their funding.

Have a Happy day,
Jim Harrison
3Dimensional Engineering

>I then responded:
> As one who has followed, purchased, used and recommeded RP for 10
>now, I desparately want to see it integrated into the Universities.
>I'd like
>to see students having the opportunity to print out MOST of their
>models they create. It's the ultimate "hand-in" of their assignments.
>However, I think I'm looking at it a little differently. I want to see
>students using "concept modeling" rather than what we traditionally
>'RP.' Not to say that higher end (RP) research should be halted
>I am just hoping that some of you out there see the bigger picture. By
>I mean:
>I fear we may be focusing too much on the higher end of RP (all the
>discussion about the new CIBA resin). As it moves more toward 'Rapid
>Manufacturer' we are forgeting about all the time designers/engineers
>designing on CAD LEADING UP to the point where we say - "run a rapid
>prototype." My reasearch shows that a majority of designer/engineers
>are NOT
>accessing any RP until they are 70 to 90 percent complete with the
>If we hope to dramatically reduce the time to market, then lets start
>utilizing concept models in the first 70%. Gunther Kruse was right
>when he
>said, "Too many companies have a blind spot to the strategic dimension
>of RP
>technologies." Concept modeling is strategic.
>To truely integrate this, it means a culteral change at companies.
>This is
>the biggest battle - and this is where you Universities come in. It
>was the
>Universities that played a crucial role in training students in CAD.
>young eager beavers graduated and changed the current thought toward
>CAD at
>the companies they worked for. LIKEWISE, THEY NEED TO DO THE SAME WITH
>Which is why I would encourage every University to change their own
>abit. Keep up the hard core research in 'high end' RP, but start
>out engineers where concept modeling is like going to the bathroom -
>urge is there and you better act upon it!
>Although Concept Modeling is fairly new, there are some good products
>there. 3D's Actua is fully networked and is VERY cost effective in
>thousands of parts. ZCorps' is very fast. Most of these machines can
>leased and operated (with material) for around $2,500 to $ 3,500 per
>While that may seem like a lot, I believe that "lab fees" could cover
>or all of the cost. I would hope that you could garner industry to
>the remaining (just like industry has support the CAD training).
>Well, that's my 'two cents' on this whole industry vs university
>thing. Does
>any of this make sense?
>Warmest Regards to All,
>Brad Fox
>Rapid Design Technologies
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