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From: Jürgen Bauer (
Date: Fri Mar 13 1998 - 17:42:56 EET

(rolling on the floor laughing).
And I - for myself - believe that god has a sense of humor.
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Juergen Bauer

>Why don't you see if you can rile a few people up, Yakov. Is this a
>fishing expedition or just a bad joke? I actually enjoy a good joke,
>even in the rpml. But, I think that some jokes about religion,
>politcs and race are better left out of this forum.

>> Date: Thu, 12 Mar 1998 23:24:46 +0100
>> From: Yakov Horenstein <>
>> To:
>> Subject: [Fwd] News Release
>> A Scandal of Biblical Proportions - Turmoil in Heaven
(snip, snip, snip)

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