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>As to Education without rp facilities: I encourage you to get creative.
>I've got three students right now who have built solid models, sliced
>them up and transfered those slices to foam. They've assembled the foam
>and are about to pour small scale sculptures from them (say fitting a
>build envelope of about 2'x3'x3'). One of those projects is compelling.
>Its a sort of Sci Fi spider. It looks great in Alumnium with the
>styrofoam texture on the surface. I have another student, who has a
>tremendous amount of patience, who has printed the sections on card
>stock, a little thicker than paper and has made lovely little geometric
>models. I have a couple more students who have used the sections to
>assemble them in topo like models -one for a clock and another for a
>fabulous light fixture. In the light fixture, broken segments of glass
>were sectioned according to what was designed in CAD.
>I have lectured the students extensively about what is available in
>CAD/CAM processes so that when they do get the chance to work with rp,
>they'll be ready. At the same time, the cost of 3D printing from Z corp
>is very competitive. Smaller objects say under2"x2"x4" can be done for a
>pittance. I tell the students to save their cigarette and beer money for
>rp models!
>There are so many ways to benefit from all of this. Lets not forget
>creativity in the problem solving department.

Hello Michael-

You make many excellent points with which I am in general agreement but my
students and I have a different agenda. Philosophically we wish to
eliminate what can best be described as traditional hand work and in turn,
demonstrate the craft of computing. Added to this is our desire to produce
wearable jewelry. For this we need the nylon, epoxy, ABS etc of RP. I hope
that you can appreciate this position. It is a part of a dialectic. It in
no small measure contributes to the content of our work.

My best to all,

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