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Date: Sat Mar 14 1998 - 06:49:12 EET

At 01:52 PM 3/12/98 -0600, Brad Fox wrote:

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>To truely integrate this, it means a culteral change at companies. This is
>the biggest battle - and this is where you Universities come in. It was the
>Universities that played a crucial role in training students in CAD. These
>young eager beavers graduated and changed the current thought toward CAD at
>the companies they worked for. LIKEWISE, THEY NEED TO DO THE SAME WITH
>Which is why I would encourage every University to change their own focus
>abit. Keep up the hard core research in 'high end' RP, but start pumping
>out engineers where concept modeling is like going to the bathroom - the
>urge is there and you better act upon it!
>Although Concept Modeling is fairly new, there are some good products out
>there. 3D's Actua is fully networked and is VERY cost effective in running
>thousands of parts. ZCorps' is very fast. Most of these machines can be
>leased and operated (with material) for around $2,500 to $ 3,500 per month.
>While that may seem like a lot, I believe that "lab fees" could cover most
>or all of the cost. I would hope that you could garner industry to support
>the remaining (just like industry has support the CAD training).
>Well, that's my 'two cents' on this whole industry vs university thing. Does
>any of this make sense?

Hi Brad -

Thanks for your comments. I am in full agreement with your analysis of the
values of Concept Modeling and would love to make it available in our
studio. However, you live in a world that unfortunately is not inhabited by
my students. The costs that you quote would come to well over $30,000 per
year. This is more then my total department budget for the year. As far as
charging the students lab fees to collect this amount, you need to know
more about my students. First, they are art students, who do not have a
clear career path after graduation. This is not to say that they don't have
much of value to offer society. Their aesthetic skills are of great value
as are their problem solving abilities...but this is off the subject. Most
of them work 20+ hours out side of school to help offset the approx.
$30,000 cost of their education. If any of you out there have children in
college, you know how you would feel about an additional $500/year ($30,000
/ 60 students). As far as industry support...a few of you have contacted me
with offers of reduced service fees for our students. For this I am most
thankful. But I have not found a firm that would like to supply a Concept
Modeler or contribute to its cost. Any offers will be gladly accepted ;-}

Well, that's my $$$ worth.

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