Re: Re:Urethane castings & Acidic solution

From: markschanze (
Date: Sun Mar 15 1998 - 04:37:27 EET

Mr. Leblanc, any addition cure silicone will have the same basic
properties associated with chemical resistance. Viscosity, pot life , tear
strength and cost should determine what silicone to use. Clear silicones
are easy to pigment if required. The type of mold to be used should
determine the viscosity required. Mold design may be determined by
material pot life. The part geometry determines the required tear
strengths. Silicones heavy with silica filler will react more with the
chemicals than silicones with resin polymer designed tear strength. I
would use Shin-Etsu 1300T or Dow Corning E.

For more information about the rp-ml, see

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